How to make Olive Oil

I have been asked how one might make olive oil, with the olives from a solitary tree and without an olive press. A recent trip to Mildura, post olive oil production and enlightened to learn from Giuseppa Callipari, that making it without a machine was a practice in Natile, Calabria for those who did not…Read more »

Finding Life’s purpose

I have been focusing on life’s purpose because I changed my profession after 17 years of service. I loved my job and though it changed with the political climate, I knew that I needed to find a new groove.  Four months into this new pattern has been tainted with the unknown, the unexpected and the…Read more »

Seeking Validation

It’s the first time I understood what I needed for myself. Validation. Some people seem to know how to validate themselves. I’ve always seemed to require someone else’s approval. To know that my work, my choices and my existence is what is expected, necessary and important.  In this article I explore what happens when I…Read more »

Changing my religion

I’ve just gone through a mini breakdown and come through to a new awakening. Deliberately changing jobs, with this sense of purpose and intention, with a tinge of self-doubt, only because I was not quite sure that it would add up to fulfillment, or what it is that I am here to do. What am…Read more »

Small steps

I remember after my breakdown, how I kept reminding myself that as time passed the hurt would not be there.After I gave birth, how my caesar scar would heal and that I had to move so slowly. Crawling on the floor attending to my pelvic floor, I went really slowly. When I tripped over my laces…Read more »

The terry – towelling nappy

Saturday is the pivot to the new week.   I take to the domestic chores at hand. Shopping, cleaning, watering plants and endless laundry. The washing machine a constant whirl, fills the house with sound, movement and life washing away the week bringing freshness to the next cycle- to start again. That hum of the machine…Read more »

The fork in the spaghetti

Suddenly it all came together to this point- known as a fork in the road- or in Italian terms, the fork in the spaghetti, twisted tightly around the pasta! How to get out of this one? Once you unwind, then what? One might say- Eat the pasta and move on. I’ve been here on three occasions. …Read more »

If negative emotions were utensils

Anger The knife slices strips of flesh from the carcass   We prepare, mince and marinate  Winter salamis, prosciutto, capacolo Imagine how anger stabs at you Sorrow for the sacrificed maele. Sadness Deep ladle scoops and holds  Tears of liquid, laps the sides and slurps Its messy business sucking it up like soup Gets all over…Read more »