CC_1aYou may think that walking in a cemetery on a full moon is just crazy. A Preston West resident is gathering the locals for a full moon walk in September to the Coburg Cemetery to reclaim the night.

Ms Callipari started the night walks two months ago, to encourage neighbors to walk together and get to know each other better. After the one-hour walk they enjoy a hot chocolate, cake and toast marshmallows.

“To create a better connected community we need to start at home. How many people do not know their neighbors? How many people talk about being scared to walk in the dark, like there is some sort of curfew at dusk? I have always loved to walk in the dark. Walking with the moon reminds me that I am part of a wonderful world that I appreciate without fear. Just walk outside, look up and enjoy the view. It does not cost anything.”

“I was telling my friend about the night moon walk and she said ‘It would be great to visit a cemetery if there is one nearby’- I liked the idea, so I googled local cemeteries and found the Friends of Coburg Cemetery (FOCC), attended their recent AGM and they also loved the idea, so they have come on board to provide a tour on the same night as the September moon walk”.

The FOCC were formed in 2011 and incorporated in 2012 focusing on the preservation, conservation and appreciation of our local history. The FOCC provide learning experiences for visitors, research and collaboration that uncover stories of historical significance. In 2011 the FOCC established a local pioneers heritage walk.

The FOCC will host The Gold Rush Comes to Coburg – a tour of Coburg Cemetery that will highlight the gold rush stories of the mid-1800s that brought thousands of hopefuls to Victoria. This tour will tell stories of the Eureka Stockade rebels, authors, miners and bankers now resting at Coburg Cemetery.  The tour will be held on Sunday 17 September 2017, 2:00 – 4:00 pm. Bookings:
Cost: $10 (or $2 for members) includes tour and afternoon tea.

Ms Callipari says that fear of the dark is all in your head and that braving the night is actually very liberating, energizing and emotionally uplifting! “It is great for your health! Embrace your fears and you will live a happier life!”

Contact Julie Stratford President FOCC mobile: 0412578676 Email:,

Contact Maria Callipari regarding the moon walks on mobile: 0400637498 Email:


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