IMG_5648Looking up and out to the Universe

It’s massive

Something bigger than the self

Earth is hardly a spec

So insignificant

Me nothing

Yet I have the power to change the world

You have the power to change the world

What I LOVE about the status of parenthood

Is that we have the privilege to see the world with fresh eyes, through the eyes of our children

My son is a scientist

He is interested in the theory of Supernova

Recently he created an experiment to replicate a supernova-

A plastic bottle, bi-carb of soda and vinegar, now sporting the scars to prove his theory

I reflect on the supernova theory, the BIG BANG that created earth,

Created life billions of years ago

The act of making a life is the same.

To be truly human is to create.

We are the result of a passionate supernova, an energy force, a bright spark of light!

I am a bright spark of light

You are a bright spark of light

I believe that love is all you need

Love is the answer

LOVE is a word we hear in songs

So much so that as a society we have become immune – misinterpreted and misunderstood- LOVE

LOVE will solve all

Spelt backwards LOVE is the beginning of the word evolve or evolution

LOVE is our evolution

However we do not understand what it means to love.

We have not embodied it as a society.

 Because we see the world through a square box

We live in a square house

We go to work in a vehicle to a square building to earn money to pay for the square house that we live in

We package things in neat square boxes- we are controlled and controlling

One day we leave this earth in a square box

We have become SQUARE

The square present you hold is in your hands


Open it and see beyond the square

The shape of the earth will give you a hint

It is round

We are part of the circle of life, fluid, ever changing cycling and recycling.

What do you believe?

Was the Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution truth or dare?

What does survival of the fittest tell us about being human?

That it is OK to kill?

That I, or you are more superior to another person?

That we are here to compete and that winning is everything?

To throw bombs at each other like insults, because you hurt my feelings?

Survival of the fittest is a lie.

That justifies colonization.

I’ve heard that wars were invented as a way to control the world’s population But war is a business, selling you the lie of survival of the fittest.

Can you see how much effort goes into raising one child?

I’ve heard it takes a village.


But there is no appreciation for the work of raising children. Marilyn Waring wrote a book titled “If Women Counted” and demonstrates the devaluation of women’s work in the film “Who’s Counting? Marilyn Waring on Sex Lies and Global Economics.”

 The truth is that to be human

To EVOLVE is to

SHARE, CARE and to be FAIR

When we embrace this philosophy we all succeed.

According to Lynne McTaggert a modern scientist in her book The BOND, It is the space between us that is important to our evolution. That connection, communication, collaboration and what we create together, something bigger than ourselves, the cycling and recycling of the big bang theory- “creation”; that when we create, when we innately appreciate our strengths and use them to create, we are truly human.

Take the time to look at another person

To acknowledge them

To see the beauty of the other

See yourself in the other

To see someone as they are and know that they are beautiful.

To truly change the world

If we are going to change the world we have to start with the self and where we are at

From the self it will ripple out to others

From those around us, to our neighbors

From our neighbors to community,

From the community and beyond

We are bright sparks of light

Our thoughts have the power to shift

Our thoughts are vibrations of energy

Our thoughts make our world

My Laneway:

Along the side of my house there is a lane way, it is small and insignificant like so many dirty, dusty laneways but it has the potential to change the world.

It is the space between my neighbors and me.

I have a little dream about this laneway

I see a long table covered with delicious treats to share

There is music and people dancing and having fun in this space

The laneway, the space between us is where we gather to create.

The laneway where decisions are made about the way we want more meaningful lives

And you are invited to the party.





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