This morning I went for a walk at 6.30 along Spring Street Preston.

Spring Street is a very busy street- a sea of traffic swishes by and when I am lying in bed at night, I imagine it is the ocean, soothing me to sleep.

So here I’m walking along and I see a hulk of a man standing on the nature strip in his underpants and a jersey, what looked like pyjamas and his back hunched over, hugging a tree. I thought is he meditating, here on such a busy street?

And it was only yesterday that I had read an article about a new movement of the tree sisters, a website where one can donate to this movement that seeks to plant more trees and invigorate the feminine energy, the energy of positivity and creativity. And I thought, this guy is tapping into that energy, by hugging this tree, even though it seemed like the most unlikely place to meditate. People with intention find a way.

As I continued on my walk, I recalled my son at primary school telling me that one day, he needed a hug so badly, that when he asked his friends and they were not able to help him, that the next best thing was to hug a tree. Which is what he did.

Our need to connect with the energy source around us is profound.

Last week I was holding my brand new baby niece so my sister could eat her dinner.

The chatter of dinner was a gentle banter, that became louder with the cry of the baby. I was having a cuddle, and she continued to cry, as babies do. I walked around the room slowly and rocked her like a rock a bye baby, and I patted her back, and ‘shooshed’ in her ear, and changed arms and held her tight all to no avail, until all of a sudden- there was silence. The chatter stopped, and everyone looked across to see what had happened.

A replete, silent, sleeping baby;

Mother’s bliss


I looked down- and saw that our hearts had connected and the rhythm had soothed her to sleep.

I lay down with her and enjoyed the lull of the beat- connecting to the primal instinct- to that which is innate, intuition that comes from not doing anything, but simply being – that our true human nature effortlessly unfolds.

In that moment, all that was needed – simply existed.

How one small living being can change the world with a heart-beat.




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