How often have you completed a huge load of darks, to find that a lone tissue in a trouser pocket has fucked it up!

“I checked the pockets – how did I miss that?”

Or what about when you have a cold and you needed to blow your nose so many times that eventually each tissue scourers the inside edges of your nostrils red raw!

The times you sneeze so vehemently that the eruption disintegrates the tissue in your hands with snot sprayed on whomever or whatever is in front of your nostrils!

Tissues aren’t at all convenient in fact they are extremely messy.

And they give me the shits! I’ve never liked them, but I have been using them without question since I set up my own shared home at age 19.

We thought we were so “organised” to find a spot for the tissue box, strategically placed in every corner of the house, so conveniently at hand, and also great when you ran out of loo paper, because there was always one in the bathroom too. The design was always so ugly, so the extent of being environmentally friendly was fashioned by a reusable frilly cover.

We have since become far more waste conscious, although still a long way to go in this sanitary wasteland. Most might think that tissues impact less, they’re only small. But in 2017 according to IBIS Research in Australia alone sanitary paper products were worth $2 billion. That’s huge production costs for something we only use once and throw away. The same could be said for many disposable products.

Do we really need tissues?

All hail the handkerchief, it’s origin the kerchief, a head scarf and the chief of blowing your nose.

What did your Mum remind you to do before you took off to school? “Make sure you have a hankie in your pocket.”

If I return to my roots, then I can do one small thing for the environment and carry a hankie. It lasts longer than a tissue and I can wash it and use it again and again.

I went looking for hankies but stuffed if I could find them! Some shop assistants weren’t sure what a hankie actually was.

“A what?”

“A hankie, you know something that you blow your nose in.”

“Oh we haven’t had those for years.” And so old fashioned, so passé.

In my son’s first year of primary school, (8 years ago), hankies were on the book list. I had purchased a packet of three at the time, not recalling where, to comply with the book list, as I still used tissues. There was not a great deal of selection, light blue, pink and white. I mean a little boy isn’t going to want to carry a pink hankie. The thing about kids is that they don’t really wipe their nose, let alone use a tissue or a hankie, a sleeve is far more convenient. Good luck getting them to carry one too. So the hankies became redundant, and I replaced them with pocket tissues.

There lies my dilemma, tissue in the pocket – fucked up washing!

If we are going to be attracted to using a hankie then we really need to do something about the design. Colours are usually pretty for girls and grey with stripes for boys, like the colour of our snot might be different. Non-gender specific hankies may be in order, perhaps rainbow coloured. Rather than wear a ribbon on your lapel, the hankie could in-fact become the new statement for supporting a cause.

Post Christmas sales, 2017, I unexpectedly found hankies in Rivers, of all places. A packet of 20 for $13.00, they were on special. I made an investment and a commitment – no more tissues!

My 2018 new years resolution is to wear my hankie as a badge of honour, tucked into the left hand bra cup, a drop of aroma oils to remind me that I need to be a better friend to the Earth.

On Saturday 13 January I will be hosting a Climate for Change event from 2- 5pm, in Cooper Street Preston.


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