Bent tree

Over this body of water

Shedding leaves like

A shower of tears

They rest

image doubled

Carried away by the gentle stream

soon lost

beneath the bridge

through a dark hole

I am with them

A corpse


As I travel to the other side.

Will I arrive


Did they lie to me when I was baptised?




The water now dances violently

over jagged rocks

Sinister laughter


As I am taken by these jaws,

grabbing at my body

rocking it

Shaking it

ripping at my hair

crushing my skull

tearing the limbs


“Dance with me pretty lady.

See how I smile?

Let me dance all over your body,

To quench my insatiable lust”.

Ice-cold fingers stroke my forehead,

Lapping to the rhythm of a lullaby.

How clean my body is

When is reaches the waterfall.IMG_2115




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