These photos are of my Father’s family migration story. I found them in the forbidden cupboard, that used to hold documents. It was the secret cupboard with a lock and key, that no one dared to touch.


Of the photos, I have yet to add the words that are written on the back of some.

In the mean-time to all my relatives, please take a look, you will recognise familiar faces.

When we next come together, I propose that we sit with our parents, uncles, aunts, cousins and extended families and listen to their memories.

They are bound to know what memories sit behind the familiar facade. And we will learn a bit about our history, as we were born of the inspiration that they held in their hearts.

One thought on “Photos I found

  1. They’re all so interesting. I recognise your dad, my dad, Auntie Cathy, your mum, Uncle Don, Uncle Tony, your sister Elena and your brother Mike, Nanna and Nonno. So looking forward to hearing the stories behind each one.


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