Green olives were a staple in Peppa’s household as we grew up.

Peppa Callipari with Daughter Carmel Zappia demonstrate the olive preservation process.

Peppa had a bucket of green olives waiting to be placed in jars.

The olives had been sitting in brine for one month.

A thick protective layer of mould had formed at the lip of the bucket.

Peppa scooped it off by hand revealing luscious sparkling olives ready for jars, spiced with piementos, sliced lemon, salt and finished off with warm water.

The jar will sit now for up to three months, with a taste test monthly to ascertain the quality of the curing olives.

A second recipe in the making: green olives bruised and split with a rock and wooden mallet, the pips remain in tact. The olives are place into a saucepan, on a flame, heated to the boil only. The olives remain in the cooling water. After a week will be transfered to jars and spiced or prepared like a salad for the table.

Add freshly chopped garlic, oil, salt and oregano, maybe sprinkle with chilli flakes to add a zing.

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