The best type of meat for salami I am told is a female pig on heat. How cruel this seems, not to mention reaffirms the inequities between the male and female energy and to me highlights the phenonemon of the male/female tug of war, a constant theme in the Calabrian discourse.

Here is a photo montage and dialogue of my Mother and Father sharpening the knives in preparation for the salami making process.

Their banter is in English and Calabrese- a ping pong match of who is capable of making the knife sharp, sharper, sharpest.

Mum tests one, trying to cut the orange but it falters and slips off the skin.

We laugh our heads off!

The knives have always been blunt and we often lament the need to buy them a new set.

When you give knives you must also give money, to avoid the curse of back stabbing.

No back stabbing here though, just an honest verbal match of who is the sharp one.

Full conversation of knife sharpening

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