This morning I went to buy a loaf of bread.

And I asked the ‘baker’ what was the difference between the ‘white’ and the ‘ciabatta’ loaf and he mentioned that all the loaves but the ciabatta were sour dough.

I said, my son does not like sour dough and took the ciabatta. 

He said, “It does not matter. To me it is all bread.” 

And then he said “It’s a matter of what flour is used in the making of the bread and how much bleach they put in the flour.” 

To which I replied: “They bleach bread flour? That’s just wrong!”

I did not really say very much else, taking my loaf as if it’s a given that flour is white and must be bleached, and then it stuck with me, you know like when you have been chewing a piece of bread without any condiments and it kind of gets stuck in your gullet?

I thought, “Seriously!” Have we become so blinded by the fluorescent? That we want our bread white, our teeth white, our lives to be polished, untainted, when in truth, shit sticks like mortar to bricks.

And I wondered why on earth do we need to bleach flour, whiten our teeth and appear as if life is pristine.

That’s how food is in its best form, natural. It even tastes better. Therefore we have to do less to it not more to it!

Then I thought:

It’s Ok to be just what I am at this moment in time and know that I am doing my best with what I have and with where I am at. 

And that if I want to buy a loaf of bread that I should find comfort in knowing that the flour is just made from wheat. 

It sucks that we even have to question it. To sift through shops to find good food. It should be a given that food nourishes, because whatever we buy costs us all.

That’s why it really makes sense to shun the supermarkets, buy from the farmer, bring back the baker, the home garden and all the professions and proclamation of the sustainability movement. 

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