This is a story about the relationship between a man and a woman. Or it’s a story of the power tug of war between the female and the male psyche and who does it better. I am privy to this theme when observing my parents sharpening knives before the salami making slaughter. Who can make the knives sharper with their skill. It was all in fun and gest, of course.

Also a story of temptation, that God made Eve to tempt Adam.

My Father told me this story to explain the Tre Pilli du Diavolo, that apparently only belong on the head of the woman.

(The man who is prone to balding, is not affiliated with three hair analogy.)

There was a man and a woman, a husband and wife who worked together. 

The husband instructed the woman in how to harvest wheat using a scythe. 

The wife argued that it would be easier to use the scissors. They could not agree on the best tool for the harvest. 

The husband became angry, he could not reason with his wife. He got so irate that he wanted to teach her a lesson for all the pain she inflicted upon him with what he perceived as her nonsense. He knew that she could not swim, so he threw her in the lake (not a nice husband) and continued to repeat,  “How do you harvest the wheat?” As the wife was engulfed by the water she held her hand up defiantly motioning two fingers like in a game of rock, paper, scissors.  She preferred to die than agree with the husband. 

So the tale reveals that the harvesting of the wheat was not the focus, but the power play of winning.  

Per capriccio, to the end the woman never gives in. With two fingers up, telling him to stick it!

Dad said that, Tre pilli is like the story of Adam and Eve and that anything bad is linked to the devil. Adam was not happy or satisfied, so God created Eve to keep him company.

Here woman is perceived as weak, but it was the man who succumbed to temptation. The woman is also seen as the tempter. Then both are weak and both sinned. The woman though affiliated with the devil.

Therefore what is evil, difficult or unfortunate is because of the devil.

The issue becomes one of man vs woman, rather than man and woman in cahoots as one. The notions of opposites of good , bad,  or black, white or cold and hot or God and the Devil.

Another saying that my Father revealed in line with this tale was:

Duru cu duru non fabricca u muru: the hard with the hard does not make a wall.

One is not able to build something with hardness- what’s needed to build a structure that lasts is opposite and interchangeable, something soft with something hard, that over time will become strong and weather well. Therefore both the male and the female elements are necessary in making a good life. 

At 85 years of age my Father also said that:

When you know that the time line is getting shorter, life starts to taste sweeter.

If you catch yourself in time life will come to mean something more precious.

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