I took some photos of Giuseppa demonstrating the making of the ‘ wick ‘ that was used to create a candle/ fire element of cupping.

Here is a visual demonstration, taken from her memory of making this with a penny, small piece of cotton and thread. The nib is lit after dipped in olive oil. The penny acts as a base, sitting on the skin and a glass cup smothers the flame, enabling the skin to rise and release muscle tension.

I Lumi, the lanterns that they made in Calabria comprised of a long piece of twisted cotton, dipped in olive oil and lit. This was the only light available at night time. Giuseppa re-enacts the making of i lumi, though the vessel designed and built by the local blacksmith was very different.

Whenever there was a black out in Nichol’s Point, ( Mildura) Giuseppa would fashion a similar light, in the absence of a torch. The batteries were reserved for the transistor radio and tape recorder. We would sit on the floor and listen to the wind and the music, because there was no power to charge the television.


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