The Challenge

Thirty days ago I started a 100 day physical challenge.

The Shoes for my challenge a bright reminder

I was already in the gym at 5.30 or 6am doing classes, walking at lunch time and fitting in a yoga class twice a week. I thought I was already doing more than enough for my fitness. This challenge however has made me push myself even more.

I’m aiming to push through the hard stuff to see what’s possible.

In yoga class they say that when things are stuck, or difficult push through it- it’s sooooo hard to do when you are in the thick of it. Though I feel very energised and sleeping much better as a result.

I’m loving this challenge for all the great things it is teaching me.

I’ve been reflecting on what it means to me and how that is very different to what it means to others.

This is a challenge and we are all in a team, so while we each one of us have our own motivation, I was thinking what is our unifying mantra?

I’ve asked our team to think about a mantra that will keep us focused and stay on target.

The law of attraction has brought us together in a team. The potential of all of us together is what has enabled us to get to day 30 leading the challenge. We have so much to learn from each other about our own selves, which is also a challenge. The way in which we work as a team and support each other is actually more important than how many steps we take.

In my career pathway/life I have observed that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things. I’ve also learnt that strategy is about establishing a routine, a target, that in order to get results one needs to embrace a consistent, steady approach and stick to it. Slow and steady wins the race!

There are always different ways of achieving – find the strategy that works for you and modify to maximise your results. Aim to challenge yourself- even a little bit, because it will reward you.

Here are some examples:

  • I’m doing cycling in the gym because it earns me extra points and gives my shins a break from all the walking. It’s also building my stamina, fitness and kinetic energy- energy begets energy.
  • I’ve started to walk to yoga and to other places where I have appointments, clocking steps.
  • I’m now catching the train instead of driving to work and while I wait I walk up and down the platform, swinging that arm. I’m also saving petrol money, and it is so quick to get to work, 20 minutes if I get to the station and those extra steps!
  • I feel a bit self- conscious though jog on the spot or do star jumps at the photocopier.

While we all come from diverse paradigms and perspectives, we are also connected and reflect each other’s aspirations or limitations. I’ve observed this in groups and being part of a group. In this challenge while my enthusiasm may not always rub off on others ( groans) I’m mindful of imposing my ideals, for fear of overdoing – ‘too much of a good thing” – might backfire- I still need to appreciate my own limitations.

The group mantra I suggest then is to simply Focus on what’s possible and let the journey unfold step by step. 

What I feel like doing at the end of a day

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