My Mum sent me a box of food.  A Calabrese Care Package.

Having missed the Easter pilgrimage to Mildura due to COVID 19, our package arrived by express post. Urgently delivered and received with GLEE!

A fourteen-day quarantine rule for those who travel, alas the contents will not endure such restriction. Related to live imports and not baked goods. I don’t think I even washed my hands, before I launched.

Inside I discovered:

  • Two baked breads from the wood fired oven. They resemble my naked stomach, when bunched between two hands, lamenting the need to flatten my curve. They are wrapped in paper towel to soak up the condensation from fresh. 
  • Two packets of black sundried olives vacuum-sealed for longevity, though usually they would be preserved in glass jars.  I cut open one bag and pour them into a click-locked glass container. I taste one, then a second and a third. Too many of these trip the esophagus into a gassy memory relapse.
  • Crumbled crunchy crostolli damaged in the machinations of the trip. Still taste great! 
  • A large bag of almond biscotti together with a robust shortbread cookie. As a young, hungry teenager habitually stuffed my face with them accompanied with warm milk.
  • One-salami also sealed as per the black olives.
  • In a small plastic bag, 10 purple, papery garlic cloves- welcome addition, having just written ‘garlic’ on my shopping list.
  • Wrapped in a sheet of the local Sunraysia Daily was enough fresh green beans for one meal, which I promptly topped and tailed in preparation. As is the practice if we had just picked them. 
  • Finally one aniseed spiced Easter bread, ingredients of eggs, yeast, olive oil, sugar, milk. In the middle two perky baked eggs look at me.  

(I recall the story of Santa Lucia – when choosing a name for my Confirmation.  I asked my Mum why Lucia held a plate with two eyes? She told me that Lucia had lost her eyesight. If Mum did not know, the imagination always had the answer. Santa Lucia I learn is the patron Saint of Sicily, killed for her faith, a virgin, of course, and the protector of sight, thus the holding of the eyes. Her name also means light, so that she highlights the good things in our lives. Such a neat memory in this story.)

All these beautiful treats neatly packed into the Postpak mailbox adding up to 7.5kg, dimensions 405 X 300 X 255 and a postage stamp of $30.45.  Here’s a great business idea – culturally inspired care packages!

It’s the simple things that light up our lives.

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