Yesterday I learnt of the winners of the Multicultural Excellence Awards.

I had been nominated by my colleague and I too had nominated a worthy candidate.

To end the year with a ‘bang’- the good feeling of achievement would serve us with something to celebrate. Not that I need an excuse- I know how to throw a party!

Alas both I and the nominated candidate did not make it onto the winners list.

At first I thought, “well, that’s a bit rich! why not?” And I huffed and puffed for a little bit, though not really attached to winning- the idea is enough to lift the heart rate. When I took a look at the names of those who had won, it dawned on me.

Of course awards are based on criteria, judgements, and zoning in on the candidate’s work that most likely fits the accolade. And the focus was on achievements in 2020, and not on the fact that some of us have been working in this sector for a quarter of a century.

As I had been nominated by a peer who is highly regarded in the sector was a really nice surprise that made me feel very happy.

To be successful, awards are designed to be won, and those who don’t win are also part of that story. And in that sense we all win- it is not a actually a competition- it becomes a recognition of great ideas, realised.

So I scrolled through the names of those who had achieved the status of winner and I saw many names to which I was linked. And I then realised that my work had contributed to their success. I was part of their achievement, their creative projects and initiatives, I was there too, helping and supporting in some small way. They were leading the change they wanted to see in the world.

I give thanks.

Suddenly I realised the power of our connection, the opportunity to collaboratively enable a better world.

The cycling and recycling of good practice as the next generation takes their place in what it means to build a just, robust and diverse community.

I am part of a wonderfully diverse diaspora of possibilities.

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