The Calabrese sweets I grew up eating included thick heavy biscuits, cakes, toffee laden nuts and fruit, nougat, dried fruit treats, sweet breads, fresh fruit from the tree and warm ricotta drizzled with honey. Good solid sweets, carb dense, energy rich foods for hard working farmers.

Never in this journey of desserts did we make or know how to make a cannoli. Might have something to do with the fact that the cannoli’s origins are Sicilian. The cannoli evolved around about 1091, was eaten during the celebration of Carnevale and a symbol of fertility.

A cannoli is a deep fried pastry dough, shaped into a long tube, filled with sweet ricotta, decorated with a sprinkle of crushed nuts or glazed cherries or chocolate and dusted with icing sugar.

I purchased a box from Eat Cannoli to share with staff at our Christmas lunch and they were so popular that I was asked for the origins- where can I get those cannoli?

The cannoli has to be filled when you buy it, or just before you are ready to eat them. The crusty casing crunch merges with the soft munch of the ricotta filling. The combination makes for a delicious workout for the mouth and a dessert that is very satisfying.

There’s nothing more disappointing than a soft, soggy cannoli!

When you eat your cannoli there are different ways to approach it.

I prefer to launch right in- bite and chew. Focused only on that moment of eating that one delicious cannoli, with no distractions. I see the males flinch!

Others may take their time, licking and sucking out the cream before nibbling on the casing, some propping the tube neatly on the side of the plate, abandoned. May also look away with a discarded, unsatisfied look and hope that no one will notice, especially the chef.

The cannoli certainly entices the sense of the comedic erotic, thus the attraction.

My New Year’s resolution is to master the art of making cannoli.

My gift list includes:

-a set of stainless steel cannoli rings X 12

-a pasta machine to help roll out the pastty

-a piping bag

I can see an opportunity for a new kind of festival in Melbourne.

The Launch of the Cannoli Feast.

A bit of fun of the Phallic frivolity of food- maybe scheduled as part of the Midsumma Festival.

Just a suggestion.

For now I’ll concentrate on learning how to make them.

To be continued.

One thought on “It’s The Season to Eat Cannoli

  1. Love this post Maria! Let’s catch up soon, and you can tell me whether you got your cannoli making kit!
    xxx Jaqui


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