Autumn Sunflowers Taking Flight

I look at my sunflowers and I wonder why each one is uniquely different and stunning in it’s own way.

I planted the seeds at the same time in the same soil, with the same amount of water.

It’s as if they are all competing with each other, and at the same time standing proudly offering their faces to the sun and the beeline to pollination.

It reminds me of the role of community development, the different people who come together to work for the good of everyone else. The leaders who stand at the front and are followed by their members.

Each one uniquely diverse and as a collective also stand out. Together advocating stronger.

I don’t want to miss the blooming golden glory. It will last a short time. It’s like watching a sunset and taking in the shades of change as the light manipulates the mis-en-scene.

Each time I look they change. impermanence a reminder, time passing.

I take photos at every angle wanting to capture this rapture.

Soon they will be transformed to dry wilted stalks and seeds that I can keep, gift and plant again.

How wonderful life is with sunflowers taking flight. Transformed to bursts of happiness.

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