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The knife slices strips of flesh from the carcass  

We prepare, mince and marinate 

Winter salamis, prosciutto, capacolo

Imagine how anger stabs at you

Sorrow for the sacrificed maele.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on


Deep ladle scoops and holds 

Tears of liquid, laps the sides and slurps

Its messy business sucking it up like soup

Gets all over your face and on your top

Imagine how sadness stoops to supress.

Photo by Katerina Holmes on


La Gratarola

Grates the parmesan that gets stuck in rusty sharp teeth that are difficult to clean

Imagine how fear prickles your throat, unsettles, itches at you

Hard to swallow

Like the act of grating something hard

You constantly breathe out 

Forget to breathe in 

Flushed, hot raised heartbeat.

Photo by Klaus Nielsen on


Like the stainless-steel mallet bangs at the chicken snitzel

Got to even it out

Order! ORDER!   like a court room judge

You judge yourself banging at the chicken flesh that comes apart

Will I ever get it right?

Imagine how guilt knocks you around 

Bruises your intellect, damages your intent.

Photo by Yender Fonseca on

Let go

One by one

√ Anger

√ Sadness

√ Fear

√ Guilt

Each reminds you to let go

And in the act of cooking

Preserve the lessons learnt.

Photo by Lisa on

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