I acknowledge the rich indigenous heritage of the place in which I was born. I appreciate the First Nations people, pay my respect to elders past and present. I appreciate the struggle for recognition, self-determination and human rights of Aboriginal people and I pledge to do all in my power to promote and value Aboriginal people, including those with whom I am friends and those in our community. I stand with and support with honour, respect and love for Aboriginal people and uphold their dignity. Where I see my role in supporting Aboriginal people I promote them and step aside so they may have the rightful place they deserve as leaders of this country.

I now tell my story and stories as true memories.

I am a connector.

That is I am the link that brings people, ideas, and projects together.

Kindred Link explores stories of connection of people, place and time.

Where have we come from and where are we going? What are the traditions that we hold dear and in what way do they define and propel us?

What culture defines us, our place and our purpose and in what way does that change  through life’s stages?

What do we value in our hearts and minds and how does that define the human condition?

What makes a good life?

Kindred Link is stories that establish a link to a wonderful chain of kindred spirits driven by their stories of creation and the desire to make and create.  The stories define the  essence of giving unconditionally to the soul and feeding talent motivated by purpose.

These stories are from my Mother, my Father, myself. These are memories of the same traditions and a celebrations of the journey to now. I honour my memories as an important pathway to my maturity. An appreciation for the life I am given and hold in my hands.

When I look at the bigger picture of multicultural policy in Australia, I zoom in on my story like magnifying the detail of what has transpired as a result of migration. How it now manifests from generation to generation. Our history is so short here. I am one of many stories that need to be told.

We are all mirrors.

Each one of us a reflection of the other.

When we hold mirrors to face each other, the image ricochets to infinity.

In that space then an infinite array of possibility.

c. 2017 Fortunata Maria Callipari- Kindred Link


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