Quote about the work place

The corporate workplace is like this conglomeration of egos clashing against the walls and windows that we are not able to open The birds break their necks against their own reflection Falling down to the concrete – one last blow Flight taken from feathers worn

Autumn Sunflowers Taking Flight

I planted the seeds at the same time in the same soil, with the same amount of water. It’s as if they are all competing with each other, and at the same time standing proudly offering their faces to the sun and the beeline to pollination. It reminds me of the role of community development,…Read more »

It’s The Season to Eat Cannoli

The Calabrese sweets I grew up eating included thick heavy biscuits, cakes, toffee laden nuts and fruit, nougat, dried fruit treats, sweet breads, fresh fruit from the tree and warm ricotta drizzled with honey. Good solid sweets, carb dense, energy rich foods for hard working farmers. Never in this journey of desserts did we make…Read more »

How to live with intention

My anxiety has been a challenge to manage. It can impact my confidence, especially when I am caught off guard. I was co-ordinating a leadership course with a contracted practitioner who would not take responsibility for leading it. There was a lack of clarity about the form of what was to be delivered that made…Read more »

Buteyko – Breathe through your nose

It’s been a year filled with the inability to breathe. I’ve developed GERD and dysmotility of the oesophagus. The sensations are a concertina of morning burping, and a swallow reflex ricochet of the throat, like a stretched lacker band, slacks back on itself. The conveyer belt with a buckle, like the last pair of undies…Read more »

The nomination and the award

Yesterday I learnt of the winners of the Multicultural Excellence Awards. I had been nominated by my colleague and I too had nominated a worthy candidate. To end the year with a ‘bang’- the good feeling of achievement would serve us with something to celebrate. Not that I need an excuse- I know how to…Read more »

What are you doing here?

I told them I was coming to visit. “Don’t tell Mum- cause it will be a surprise!” My sister picked me up from the bus stop. I left Melbourne at 8am, the train to Swan Hill, then the bus to Mildura. Walked through the door at 3.15pm. There she was in her chair watching the…Read more »

Going back

a memoir about growing up Italian in regional Victoria It was the end of the Millennium when the voice in my head was the eco of the red bubble-gum MAC computer, whenever I hit the wrong button: “It’s not my fault”– became embedded in my head on repeat. I did not know that this was…Read more »