Sisters IN ARTS

The Other List- Sonia Zymantas Last Sunday I invited artist Sonia Zymantas to conduct an arts workshop with friends, family and cousins at my home, as a contribution to her art installation The Other List. My husband Mark Patton prepared his workshop for the eight participants to make the flags of gendered language, which will…Read more »

Epiphany of Thought

I get these flashes of inspiration from time to time. If only I could take a snap shot of my thoughts in order to return to them, but they vanish and I try to rewind, wading back against the flow, caught in all the detritus on the peripheral.  It’s like this coming into and out…Read more »

How to get a LIFE

This is what I did in one day-  I met a number of people over the day. 9 AM First up I met an international student social worker at Melbourne Polytechnic to find out more about International Students in the North of Melbourne. I learnt that there are a number of students studying accounting, business and…Read more »

Bread Shop

It’s Ok to be just what I am at this moment in time and know that I am doing my best with what I have and with where I am at.