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It’s Ok to be just what I am at this moment in time and know that I am doing my best with what I have and with where I am at.

I am not what I seem

My world has become a complex web of tangled possibilities. No sooner do I untangle one knot, Find myself enmeshed Somewhat conflicted. In what way can I aim to find the best solution? Stop Trying To FIX Allow. IT. The negative vibe catches like a bushfire, Writing brings me back to the truth. Turning inwards…Read more »

Zucchini Parmagana

This is how big a zucchini will grow, unlike the petite, perfect ones sold in the supermarket.
When a zucchini is this large people might think that they are too big, hard and seedy to eat, but we used to make the most delicious meal out of them and we still do.
Absolutely delicious!