The fork in the spaghetti

Suddenly it all came together to this point- known as a fork in the road- or in Italian terms, the fork in the spaghetti, twisted tightly around the pasta! How to get out of this one? Once you unwind, then what? One might say- Eat the pasta and move on. I’ve been here on three occasions. …Read more »

If negative emotions were utensils

Anger The knife slices strips of flesh from the carcass   We prepare, mince and marinate  Winter salamis, prosciutto, capacolo Imagine how anger stabs at you Sorrow for the sacrificed maele. Sadness Deep ladle scoops and holds  Tears of liquid, laps the sides and slurps Its messy business sucking it up like soup Gets all over…Read more »

The Cinnamon Cake

I am in year 10 at St Joseph’s College Mildura. I catch the bus to Deakin Ave every morning where I alight at 8am and it’s a ten-minute walk to the school gate, which is behind the Mildura Catholic Church.  It’s where I did my holy communion, confirmation and confessed my sins to the priest…Read more »

Writing about writing

What is my writing voice? Writing is a way to find answers. Feeling the pen, the scribble, keeps the chatter moving, opening the mind to the senses. Stops time and enables observation in words, documents experience which leads to understanding. I started writing like most people, at school. My HSC English teacher was Sister Nancy,…Read more »

Good bye to the City of Whittlesea

Dedicated to the Memory of Pina Guerra who set me on the path of formalising my Community Development credentials that connected me to Helen Rodd, that connected me to a new career pathway I also acknowledge the memory of David Turnbull- the CEO who had it under control. I acknowledge the Aboriginal people whose connection…Read more »

Listen to Land

Imagine a summer’s afternoon on the hills of a grassy Calabrian Landscape, watching the village below, surrounded by clanging of bells hanging from bleating goat’s beard. Lull to trance, gentle breeze massages the temple that frames squinting eyes- flickering in the afternoon’s soothing sun- suspended like time has stagnated, curdled, solidified- nothing to do but…Read more »

When you are prepared to suffer

I am interested to know what it is that we learn when we are prepared to suffer. Not by force. By choice. If I am forced to learn then the suffering Becomes resistance Blocks the flow of knowledge. If I choose to approach my difficulties, my weaknesses with a compassionate heart I’m ready to observe…Read more »

In the waiting room of discontent

My head A ball of clay Moulded by the wall Bang! Bang! Bang! An echo fights its way Back to longing And holds the threads of sound Tattered by winds, waves, worn song Cantilevered on the edge of knowing Will I jump? Or Will I fall? It’s now Here Me Seen at the lip of…Read more »

Allegory to the Sunflowers

It is the seed that taught me The power of intention That in my hands I hold wealth In my heart I weigh strength With my words the wind of truth Tears, salts strength quench seed’s bliss Be still to listen deeply to Earth’s gift that birthed me to which I will return Transformed and…Read more »

Quote about the work place

The corporate workplace is like this conglomeration of egos clashing against the walls and windows that we are not able to open The birds break their necks against their own reflection Falling down to the concrete – one last blow Flight taken from feathers worn