Book Launch – Ascolta Forum

My Mother’s Story Through My Eyes by Maria Fantasia What an honour to launch this book. Thanks Teresa for asking me. I have organised many events, but Ascolta is close to my heart as a daughter of Italian migrants. All of us have similar experiences, like we are looking in a mirror; a ricochet of…Read more »

Lineage of Seeds

“Keep things simple and you always live well”- Giuseppa Pipicella Callipari – my Mum. I express this quote from my Mother as a mantra.  According to her 79 years of lived experience, simplicity is the essence of success.  I am in accord, that if we all lived more simply then we would clearly understand sustainability.  Preservation is at…Read more »

A Story about our gifts

Friday morning as I was leaving home for work, my attention fell on a young African woman across the road leaning into the window of a maroon Camry, speaking to a neighbour. I have seen her before walking with her family, husband and two kids. Today her baby toddler came running out onto the footpath…Read more »

The Challenge

Thirty days ago I started a 100 day physical challenge. I was already in the gym at 5.30 or 6am doing classes, walking at lunch time and fitting in a yoga class twice a week. I thought I was already doing more than enough for my fitness. This challenge however has made me push myself even more.…Read more »

Sisters IN ARTS

The Other List- Sonia Zymantas Last Sunday I invited artist Sonia Zymantas to conduct an arts workshop with friends, family and cousins at my home, as a contribution to her art installation The Other List. My husband Mark Patton prepared his workshop for the eight participants to make the flags of gendered language, which will…Read more »

Epiphany of Thought

I get these flashes of inspiration from time to time. If only I could take a snap shot of my thoughts in order to return to them, but they vanish and I try to rewind, wading back against the flow, caught in all the detritus on the peripheral.  It’s like this coming into and out…Read more »