Medical Literacy

For all my efforts to obtain clarity of health, the medical system is like a maze that leads to another puzzle, going deeper into the ailment that called for attention. Gone are the days when you could go to the doctor and get help- one place, one solution. Now we go to the doctor to…Read more »

Taming Anxiety

I’ve finally cracked the anxiety code. This doesn’t mean I’ve tamed it, but I know what triggers it. At least for myself, though others may be different. I have this insatiable hunger that nibbles at my conscience most evenings soon following dinner. I’ve tried protein shakes, fruit and yoghurt to satiate. My weakest point, the…Read more »

Suggestion Coax Calculated Thought

Every morning I sit down with a cup of tea to write, and find myself distracted by online shopping, or other mindless tasks, that take met to LaLaLa land – zoning out. We probably need an element of zoning out to know that we need to zone in. When we recognise the drift of thoughts,…Read more »

Letting Go

As the foreign one be warned that you will have to “PROVE” that what you do is important, makes a difference, provides an impact, changes lives, enables.   You will be reminded that you are ‘never good enough’,  Often.  You must always compromise,  Be the humble hero, The silent poppy cut down.  Submit. You will be…Read more »

The Internal Voice

It’s like my inside self is an introverted version of my outside self: -A melancholy observer of good, bad, right, wrong, ethical & unethical. -Perched judge, scanning the landscape. -A banter tugging on “What really matters?” COVID elicits the internal voice like a -Submarine charting unguarded waters, -Titanic dodging icebergs,  – minefield of exploding thoughts.…Read more »

Return of the virus

What are the things that I LOVE and why do I have to keep reminding myself that I LOVE them? Today the virus has returned. I’m sure this virus has embodied me since birth. And no it’s definitely not related to the COVID. It comes after intense moments of stress. This stress often comes after…Read more »

Give a Pickle

I have observed that the best ideas flow from the relaxation of a morning shower. A little spark came to me and I acted upon it. I was to make pickles. It was a beautiful warm autumn day. COVID 19 restrictions meant stay @ home. So I set up in the driveway. Table, chair, chopping…Read more »

Reflection- being a mother

My son is so funny- the way he observes and interprets the cat’s playful behavior, trips me to laughter. “I think the cat is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder- why is he always attacking and scratching me?”, like our cat’s a person. He was a five-week, rescue kitten from the Cat Protection Society when we…Read more »